Freddy Antabi Products

Create your ultimate hairstyle with the Freddy Antabi Hair Studio collection of ghd styling products. Using their advanced hairstyling technology means that the ghd range of products keep even rebellious hair under control.

ghd Elevation Shampoo

For hair in need of extra body, these products plump up and strengthen each hair, while controlling static. Containing intelligent volumisers which add body to your hair, making it look much fuller. Contains UVA protection.

ghd Thermal Protector for weak - damaged hair

Strengthen and nourish your hair when heat-styling, with this medium hold thermal protector. Contains ingredients which deflect and absorb heat, protecting the hair shaft. Contains UVA protection.

ghd Soothing Balm for hair straightening

deal for coarse, frizzy hair types when creating straight and sleek looks. Provides medium hold, leaving the hair frizz-free with a soft, smooth finish. Provides long-lasting protection against humidity. Contains UVA protection.