Freddy Antabi Products

Hair Extensions

Look beautiful with human hair extensions, professionally lengthen and volumise your hair instantly. So you want to get hair extensions, BUT you’ve heard the horror stories and you’re petrified that you’ll end up bald, ugly and a lot poorer when it’s all over.

Well there is a way to have beautiful hair using hair extensions that don’t damage you hair at all allowing your hair to grow longer and healthier in the process!

Here at Freddy Antabi we use the corn rowed technique, this allows the hair to be sewn in without the use of any glue. The corn rows go in close to your scalp to support the weave piece, the weave is attached by using weaving thread and then the client’s hair is combed over to cover the tracks!

Leaving your hair longer, full of volume, silky and smooth!

NB. Clients are responsible for the condition and supply of their own hair extensions.

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