Freddy Antabi Training

Freddy Antabi Hair Studio Training

Freddy Antabi

Freddy Antabi is an award winning stylist with training experience that spans over the last 23 year within the hairdressing industry locally and nationaly in the UK and throughout Europe.

The Foundations Course

The Foundations Course is for someone looking to build their confidence and is for young stylists looking to build their technical understanding of basic cutting or for someone who is maybe looking to refresh their skills and has been out of the industry for some time. Also for advance training for someone who is experienced and looking to improve in technique trend and vision and the know how to take expertise to a different level in cutting,

Creative Cutting Course

The Creative Cutting Course involves fashion techniques and trend predictions for the more advanced hairdresser. A motivational course that will make stylists push their creativity and explore new ideas and trend techniques. The Creative Cutting Course is a must for all those that wish for their creative side to shine and hone their skills using more advanced techniques.


Booking is for a one to one day training £400 (plus vat) and travelling costs if needed. Training is available locally at our salon, nationally and internationally. Contact us for more information.