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What can I do to restore shine to my hair?

The most important thing you can do to help hair shine is prevent damage. This helps keep hair’s natural surface smooth and healthy looking. Get regular haircuts to remove the ends, as they tend to be the most damaged. Lastly, consider a dark hair color. Dark hair often appears the shiniest, as the distinction between dark hair color bands and light color bands is much clearer to the eye on dark hair color than light hair color, giving the appearance of greater hair shine.

Why is my hair so greasy?

Apply a frequent-use shampoo gently to the scalp. Don't use your fingers to massage the scalp as this will increase the production of natural oils. Another problem with regular washing is that the roots are greasy but the tips of the hair become dry and brittle. Apply conditioner to the mid and ends rather than the roots. Watch what you eat as well. Fatty and oily foods can contribute to the scalp and greasy skin. If you are staying at home one day use this to give your hair a rest from its daily wash and blow dry.

My hair is so fine and when I am blow waving it, it tangles easily?

Eliminate this problem at the conditioning stage. Apply conditioner and, before rinsing out, use a wide-toothed comb taking care not to tug at the hair as this causes it to break easily. When ready to sculpt and style, use a combination of serum and gel which will increase your hair's manageability and give extra definition and shine.

I would love my dry and frizzy hair to be shiny and straight?

This can be easily resolved in a few minutes using a straightening cream. Rub serum between your palms and smooth over small sections of dry hair commencing at the root., Brush each section with a flat paddle brush wrapping one at a time around a volumising brush. On completion blast with a hairdryer for 10 seconds and unroll.

My limp hair is driving me to despair?

For dry hair, spritz volumiser the roots then blow-dry using a round vented brush. Section off hair and wrap around a small round brush, blasting with the dryer, finishing off with a texturising balm rubbed through your hair, avoiding the roots.

My hair is very fine and always looks so flat?

Pin-curling will create sexy, curly locks by using a volumiser over clean dry hair focusing mainly on the roots. Wrap inch-wide sections around hot medium curling tongs for approximately three seconds. After curling all sections, pin the curl close to the scalp to prevent collapse. Allow hair to cool and then release curls. Finally, use wax to lift and separate curls.

When I try to straighten my hair I always seem to lose most of my body in my hair?

Frequent shampooing strips your hair of protein thus causing it to lose body. Apply a volumising lotion to replace this then blow-dry with a nozzle attachment, drying hair in two sections, commencing at the nape. Apply a small amount of serum before drying to remove frizz and add extra shine. Alternatively use straightening irons after shampooing. The steam will add moisture to your hair.

What can I do about dandruff?

Serious dandruff is thought to be caused by a fungal yeast. Pityrosporum ovale and should be treated with a special anti-dandruff shampoo. Dandruff can also be caused by eating a diet high in fatty, sugary foods lacking in vitamins and minerals. Try to eat a more balanced diet or take a daily supplement of 15mg zinc which is also good for the skin. A dry scalp is often mistaken for dandruff but is usually caused by product build-up and not rinsing hair properly. Always rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Try using a build-up remover treatment.

I would love my dry and frizzy hair to be shiny and straight?

This can be easily resolved in a few minutes using a straightening cream. Rub serum between your palms and smooth over small sections of dry hair commencing at the root., Brush each section with a flat paddle brush wrapping one at a time around a volumising brush. On completion blast with a hairdryer for 10 seconds and unroll.

I have long straight hair, I can achieve the curls that everyone is wearing?

Probably the best invention since GHD’s! What they did for straight hair, the amazing Babyliss Pro Conical Wand does for glorious curly and wavy hair. The looks you can create with this magic wand will keep you right on trend with all the latest styles.

My hair is so thin you can see my scalp and it is ruining my social life?

DermMatch is an instant hair loss treatment trusted by dermatologists and hair restoration surgeons. It’s recommended for female hair loss, male pattern baldness, alopecia areata and hair transplants. It works instantly, adding spectacular fullness to thin hairs while causing the scalp to disappear. It looks natural and you can brush it, swim with it or sweat with it. Any shampoo removes it. DermMatch will not affect the growth of your hair and is rich in emollients that soften and moisturize your skin.

I love my red hair, how can I keep the colour bright in between going to the Salon.

Revlon was so on the ball with this winner. A great way to give your colour a lift between salon visits, with rich ingredients and a subtle fragrance, Nutri Color revives and refreshes your colour in just three minutes. Rediscover the blonde you want to be, the vibrant copper red head turner or the sultry rich brunette. Revlon have a shade to suit any hair colour and the deep conditioning treatment will leave your hair moisturised and smooth, with a mirror like shine. Contains no ammonia or peroxide and the acid pH respects your hair's integrity. An instant hair colour combined with a nourishing treatment. Colour treatment, specially designed for coloured hair.

Why does my hair always goes static, how can I stop it?

Typically hair always seems to be more static in the winter months. I always think this is due to central heating and going in and out of hot and cold atmospheres. To help control this you must use a blow-dry lotion that is suitable for your hair type every time you style your hair. When it happens to me in the salon sometimes, after I have finished blow-drying I spray some hairspray on a brush and brush it through the hair, this always makes a difference.

Why does fine hair tend to fall flat in the heat?

Hair, humidity, horrendous. These words often tend to be grouped together, especially in the hot summer months. In the same way that curly hair tends to get frizzy in heat and humidity, with fine hair humidity tends to make it go flat. This is because moisture usually returns fine hair to its natural configuration. Fine hair can be straighter and more flexible than thick hair, which can cause fine hair to fall flat in high humidity. Although it may sound counter-intuitive, women with fine hair need to use conditioning products to control the movement of moisture in and out of their hair for this reason. Fortunately there are lightweight conditioning products available for fine hair that don’t weigh hair down and, help prevent the impact humidity can on your hair.

How does diet affect my hair?

Food is one of the great pleasures of life. The benefits of a healthy diet are obvious when trying to watch one’s weight or cholesterol level, but what we eat also greatly influences the condition of our healthy-looking hair, making diet and hair linked to one another. Hair is a record of one’s diet and nutrition, and that means that what we are not eating can show up, too, in our hair. As protein is one of hair’s key building blocks, insufficient protein in one’s diet can lead to a decrease in hair’s diameter, making hair less healthy-looking and thick. In addition, crash dieting can result in hair loss, as hair’s growth cycle can be impacted, causing a higher than normal number of hair follicles to shed their hair fibers. The conclusion? Diet and hair are linked. If you want healthy-looking hair and beautiful hair, eat healthy foods, don’t crash diet, and get plenty of protein.

What effect does exposure to sunlight have on my hair?

Great free-flowing hair and sun are two wonderful elements of summer, especially when sunlight kisses hair into golden strands. But did you know that combining hair and sun doesn’t always have a positive effect? UV exposure can break down hair proteins, causing hair to look dull and weaken hair’s tensile and physical properties. This damage is more intense on the outer regions of the hair shaft, so people with thick hair have more natural resilience against UV damage than those with fine hair, who can experience more damaged hair. Thus, the connection between your hair and sun can be bigger than expected, and it can impact the appearance of your hair. The pigments in dark hair can filter some of this damage better than light hair pigments, thus providing a bit more protection against the breakdown of proteins that can cause damaged hair. This filtering action, however, is what causes hair to lighten with increased sun exposure.

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